Epona is a Merchant Elf who is obsessed with money and runs an item shop in Avalon Castle. She has a playful character and always tries to promote some of the strange merchandises she had brought in from other places.

When Arawn and Arthur reached the armory section of Avalon, an elven trap sprung and sealed Arthur and Arawn's movements. Epona did not believe Arawn as the same Arawn the Demon King and hit him on the head. She later apologized many times to Arawn and Arthur descendant of King Pwyll.

She tried to sell Arawn some of those gadgets and asked him to test it, but Arawn was not a foolish enough to test them in which he asked Arthur to test it. On another occasion, he asked Riannon to test it. The gadgets did perform as Epona said, but overdid its so-called 'purpose'. She also wanted to show Arawn a tomb of magic book, but eventually the spells that she called upon got her tied up.

She is also known a The Child of the Night in the anime version

Epona's name is based on the Celtic goddess of the same name.

Eye Color Red Red
Hair Color Orange Orange
Hair Length To Neck To Neck
Apparent Age Teen Teen
Gender Female Female
Animal Ears No No