Lydia is the new character that appeared in the PlayStation 3 remake, Tears to Tiara: Kakan no Daichi. She is first seen in episode 7, Colosseum leading a group of soldiers wearing seemingly red colored metal as armor. She is the Commander of Ruburumu.

When Octavia defeated her in a duel shown in the flashback, she said that she could go crazy and kill or hurt anything in front of her when the sole thought of the incident and the shame has inflicted her. She commented that she would die of her insanity if she were not made Commander of Ruburumu.

She later faces off against Octavia one last time in Episode 11 of the anime. Throughout the fight, flashbacks show that Octavia and Lydia were once the best of friends during their Imperial Training (before the fateful fight in which Octavia didn't kill her). The duel ends with Lydia's death. Her final words to Octavia are asking if she was a good swordsman.

Image Details Official Details
Eye Color Red Red
Hair Color White White
Hair Length To Shoulders To Shoulders
Apparent Age Adult Adult
Gender Female Female
Animal Ears No No

Octavia cries and says that she was a perfect swordsman as she dies.

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