Llyr doesn’t have much fortune when it comes to anything. This is demonstrated when she falls asleep on the beach and is carried away by the current. And when she loses her special clothes (and by clothes I mean seal skin). And when she fails at household chores. And umm… she’s good in battle, though? That counts for something?

Honestly, though, Llyr was what made me laugh several times during this episode. Several times being every time she cried. I don’t know what it was exactly–the predictability of it, the way that the voice actress makes her crying sound…Llyr just cracked me up when she was upset. The situations that led to her being upset were great, too: getting covered in soap bubbles while washing clothes and getting covered in milk while milking a cow? It entertained me, at the very least. Her failure to do these household chores, though…tsk tsk, she doesn’t seem to be an appropriate wife at all! That’s okay, Llyr; I still like you. Ditzes can be fun!

heading 2Edit

Llyr is a Water Elf and is a pessimistic person. She believes that she has very bad luck, but manages to deal with it. She was supposed to work as a servant in his household when her people sent her as a 'gift' to Arawn after hearing of his resurrection.

Arawn was made to take in Llyr as his wife after accidentally burning her Seal Pelt by giving it to Riannon who needed to make a fire. According to the customs of the Seal Faeiries, the Seal Pelt is a gift to the person she will marry to as a token of promise. With Arawn accidentally burning her Seal Pelt, she can't go back to her people and has to stay with him.(According to Llyr's tribe, any male elf that take the female elf skin will become their husband)

Llyr tried to help in various chores at Avalon Castle but never seem to get it right. She is also very fearful of human strangers, especially while in the town of Londinium as her mother taught her humans tend to do "This and That" to elves.

Llyr is proficient in using her trident, and water based spells and magic. When it's for everyone's safety, she will not hesitate to slaughter monsters and enemy with ease.