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5'7" (170 cm)

Family Members

Arawn (Husband)

Morgan is a member of the Gael Clan. She occasionally fights with Arthur for the position of First Warrior of the Gael Clan. She is the second of Arawn's wives. Her thinking is simple and she loves to hunt and eat a lot. She gets into all sorts of trouble when she drinks alcohol. When Morgan was drunk in episode 5, she called Arthur, Saru (サル?) which means monkey in Japanese. She even challenged Arthur to a fight for First Warrior title. This was supported by Arawn, much to Arthur's dismay about convenience about Arawn using his title as Chieftain. Morgan is an expert archer and at times, use a small knife for close range battles.

Appearance Edit

She has violet eyes and dark green hair. She usually has a quiver slung over her back.

Personality Edit

Morgan is quite loud and hyper, which is one of the reason she gets into so much trouble. When she drinks alcohol, she gets into more trouble than usual.


  • The Japanese pronunciation of her name is based on the Welsh name of King Arthur's half-sister, Morgana.