Ogam is a sage who is always at Arawn's side and is his self proclaimed "sword and shield". His original form is a winged armored dragon and has been alive for a very long time. His race was almost destroyed by the Twelve Angels after they found them imperfect, and then dropped one of the two moons onto the planet to destroy them.

He calls himself a jiji, meaning old man in Japanese when Arawn only asked Arthur, Riannon and Morgan to release the door for the ships to take off.

Ogam wields a magic wooden staff with a dragon holding a blue crystal ball. He also uses an assortment of powerful elemental, offensive and defensive magic. His true dragon form can uses basic flames, powerful physical attacks and the Flames of Creation, which destroys with pure fire but could kill Ogam because it drains his life.

Because of his age and experience, Ogam is the only member of the party that can heal Electrum damage to Arawn, since Riannon's healing magic doesn't work on Arawn's Electrum damage. Unfortunately, Ogam cannot heal massive damage of Electrum if Arawn receives too much damage.

He was a friend to Myrddin before Arawn's creation.

Eye Color Brown Brown
Hair Color White White
Hair Length Short Short
Apparent Age Adult Adult
Gender Male Male
Animal Ears No No