Rathy is a Mine Elf who is good at making weapons and hardware. Arawn’s first impression of Rathty is that she is a boy. She tried to hide her gender as a female in order to stay with the party. Though, her androgyny is more apparent in the anime beginning with her first appearance in a fighting contest in Londinium. To the end of the anime version, no one probably guess Rathy is female as they initially thought she was male in the contest. Rathy wields a giant hammer very efficiently despite her height and is also proficient in digging tunnels by punching the earth with her bare hands or with her hammer.

She prefers to make household tools than weapons for war, much to Arawn's dismay. Her gender was discovered after fighting the wolf horde and caught rabbis - the other girls drank the antidote, which Epona gave to Arawn, which left one bottle - he thought Epona gave him the wrong number of bottles. He discovers Rathy later poisoned. Arawn tries to give her the antidote, but Rathy rejects the antidote because she fears acknowledging herself as female will mean she can no longer join the party. Arawn calls her silly and tells her he doesn't mind. She takes the antidote and is cured.

Rathy has an unofficial skill called Rathy Missile, by tossing Rathy to the ground around the target, Rathy can cause an earthquake. This was improvised once by Llyr to allow Octavia and Morgan to enter Avalon during a siege, much to Rathy's dismay later about being tossed to enemy siege lines..